Saturday, 10 October 2015

Product Review - Wrappz Laptop Decals and Custom Phone Skins

Like many developers, I get my money's worth out of the laptops I buy. Sometimes it seems I use them every minute of the day. And, over the years, I've accumulated quite a collection of physical machines in addition to the various VMs I have carrying out miscellaneous tasks around the house.

I secretly love the obviously-marketed-at-women ones that have cases made of pink brushed aluminium and the like. But, also being a professional developer, I have to say that almost always that fancy case comes accompanied by last year's technology (or older.) It simply isn't a good business decision to buy them when you review the spec.

As a wise philosopher once said, I'm a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World.

So, I often end up buying machines that have phenomenally-fast dual/quad processors with acres of RAM capable of running lots of memory-intensive applications concurrently. And I switch out the standard platter drive for a 1 TB SSD. (I usually also swap out the optical drive for a second 1TB SSD. And 2TB SSDs that I've not yet had a chance to get my hands on have also now become available, so my next dev machine will have 4TB total, but that's really a different review.)

Anyway, for some reason the most performant laptops always seem to come in boring black boxes. When you acquire a few of these over the years, it becomes difficult to tell them apart. So for a few years now I've been putting decals on the back and naming the machine according to which decal adorns it. I also make the login screen and desktop background of these machines match the decal. This all helps keep you oriented when you're navigating around, RDP-ing from one machine to another.

TaylorHe Decals

Up to now, my go-to decal manufacturer has been TaylorHe. They do some very nice pre-made patterns that suit almost every taste. With my new work laptop, however, I fancied doing something a bit more bespoke. I'm a huge Breaking Bad fan, so I wanted a machine that had a theme related to that. 

Since the device that I usually take pictures with is in this photo, my friend Ian O'Friel
kindly helped me take this. Which made it a much better photo than it would otherwise have
been as he has a real eye for photography. (You can see more of Ian's fab photos here. I
particularly like the one of the old rusty gate and the South Side At Night.)
Looking around, I found a company called Wrappz that provides exactly this type of product. Not only do they produce decals with custom designs, but they also print them on a custom-sized sheet. So you don't have to trim them to fit your machine. This may seem like a small advantage, but it was nice just to be able to use them out of the box like that rather than messing around with a scalpel or scissors.

Like TaylorHe, Wrappz also do custom phone cases. So I got one of those to match the decal. (Not that I actually own a phone, incidentally - I'm one of the few people I know that doesn't use one, and doesn't miss it. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 'phone', but it acts as a personal organiser rather than as a communication device. I only put a temporary SIM in it when I have a reason to, which is almost never.)

If you want to order some of these decals / phone cases for yourself, here are some discount codes you can use to get them more cheaply. NB: I've got no commercial relationship with Wrappz, and I haven't benefitted in any way from this review. Also, I won't know whether anyone has used these codes:
Wrappz discount codes

More Wrappz discount codes

Last small tip for those who, like me, have multiple laptops in their network to access. You can place the name of each machine in the Task Bar by creating a new Toolbar, and calling it "\\%computername%", as described here. It makes it amazingly easy to see which machine you're on, even if you have a full-screen program running, and even if you're accessing it from another physical device.

Computer Name on Task Bar